Our Products

Stroud Industrial Products have a wage range of applications, from steel mills to wind turbines and mechanical test labs, our custom-engineered ballistic barriers and covers protect your equipment and improve the overall safety of your facility and workers. 

Ballistic “Blast” Blankets – The Ultimate Protective Barrier.

Stroud Industrial Solutions’ custom-designed ballistic containment or “blast” blankets provide a protective barrier to guard your equipment in the event of a mechanical failure. Simple to install and made with high-quality Kevlar(R) and Gentex nylon fabrics, our blankets offer viable, safe, and reliable protection for workers, neighbors and nearby machinery.

Our ballistic containment blankets are custom designed to your specifications, regardless of size, operating environment or containment requirements. The degree of ballistic containment, heat generation, environment and ease of use are just some of the considerations our engineers take into consideration when designing your blanket. Not only is the fit custom, but the application dictates the design. 

Stroud Industrial’s ballistic blankets can be adapted to numerous applications and are used to protect equipment such as…

  • Centrifugal And Induction Pressure Blowers And Fans
  • Axial Fans
  • Belt Guards
  • Air Movement Systems
  • Material Handling Systems
  • Pressure Vessels
  • Lumber Mill Wood Chipper
  • And More
Ballistic Blanket Instruction Videos & Documents
Ballistic Blanket Measurement and Installation Videos
How to Measure For A Ballistic Blanket

How To Install A Ballistic Blanket On A Blower Or Compressor

How To Measure For A Pinion And Rotator Ballistic Blanket

Measurement Instructions For Specific Devices

Next-Generation Pressure Test Barriers And Custom Blast Curtains

Stroud Industrial can engineer curtains and barrier tents for equipment testing platforms, test labs and rooms, test stands and more to meet your most stringent workplace requirements. Multiple curtain materials are available in a variety of widths and are triple sewn for maximum strength and durability. 

Placing a shield of bulletproof material between workers and dangerous processes or equipment could save their lives. Are there areas of your facility where a barrier would improve safety? If so, contact Stroud today.

Barrier & Safety Nets

Safety goes beyond containing shrapnel and fluids in the event of a catastrophic failure. It doesn’t always require a solid surface Kevlar or Gentex product. Often it is about keeping tools from falling or protecting workers with a simpler, less expensive option. We manufacture our barrier and safety nets with 1” polyester. 

Stroud has been installing this product in race cars and at drag strips for almost 40 years and its usefulness has translated well to a variety of industrial applications. Choose from a range of standard and custom color choices. Contact us to discuss a netting solution that’s appropriate for your needs. 

Fire Suppression Systems

Stroud fire suppression systems come in 5lb and 10lb fire bottle options. Charged with FE-36, the most state-of-the-art fire suppressant on the market, we design these systems for every type of industrial application to prevent combustion and smother flames. 

Your maintenance team can custom install this system near any device where fire is of great concern, allowing workers a chance to evacuate under a lesser threat.

Unique And Large-Scale Custom Ballistic Products

We’ve got it covered! Our custom product creation team can engineer projects of any scale, from covering an entire tank to providing a protective barrier or “curtain” for the wall of a large building. Our talented team of engineers — led by Stroud Industrial founder and lead engineer Bob Stroud — has even created a custom product to insulate a chocolate processing machine! Also, our ballistic containment products can also provide an effective barrier to reduce the sound levels of the equipment they protect.

In addition to our core products, Stroud Industrial Systems can also custom design safety restraints and safety apparel. Contact us today to discover the appropriate safety solution for your team and facility.