What to Expect When Ordering Your Custom Product

  1. Give your order specifications over the phone to one of our friendly staff members or through the website on one of our contact forms found below.
  2. Based on the information gathered, we will cut an approximated canvas template for you to customize at your facility and ship it to you.
  3. Please mark this up according to the instructions and return it to Stroud. To view these instructions, go view the “Directions For Making A Canvas Pattern” document below. A copy of these instructions will also be sent to you in your canvas template packet.
  4. Once we receive the marked up canvas, your custom blanket will go into production.
  5. When the item is completed, it will be shipped to your facility immediately.

Lead Time

Once the information and specs are submitted, we offer quick turnaround in the manufacturing of your custom product. 


Quality Guarantee

From the moment you submit a product inquiry to the minute it is delivered, we back our products with the highest level of customer service and technical expertise.


Instruction Videos & Documents
Measurement and Installation Videos
How to Measure For A Ballistic Blanket

How To Install A Ballistic Blanket On A Blower Or Compressor

How To Measure For A Pinion And Rotator Ballistic Blanket

Measurement Instructions for Specific Devices