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For over 35 years, Stroud Safety Solutions has been designing and manufacturing high-quality, innovative and proven blast barriers for professional racing and the workplace. Engineered for safety and security, our next-generation ballistic blankets, blast curtains, pressure testing barriers, and custom-tailored safety solutions provide an impenetrable barrier between workers and dangerous equipment — delivering added peace of mind in high-stakes situations. Designed with protection in mind, our ballistic containment products prevent shrapnel from scattering in the event of a catastrophic equipment failure, protecting lives and guarding adjacent equipment from collateral damage. What’s more, our fully customizable products are built to spec, manufactured with Dupont Kevlar and Gentex fabrics and made in the USA. That’s why maintenance, engineering and environmental health and safety professionals rely on us for customized safety solutions that meet their ballistic containment needs.


Safety By Design

Manufactured using kevlar and ballistic nylon, we develop our blankets to withstand the toughest industrial and advanced technology applications. Designed to meet a broad range of uses, our ballistic containment blankets offer a unique combination of high strength, durability and thermal stability, protecting your team and equipment against harm. Additionally, the insulating properties offer a significant level of noise reduction.

We manufacture Stroud Industrial blankets without seams. Seams can easily become compromised if equipment failure occurs. Instead, we use precise attachment points that increase durability while allowing for proper fit and simple installation.

For the past several years, Stroud Industrial has custom designed containment or blast blankets currently in use at steel mills, paper mills, manufacturing plants, testing facilities and other industrial and manufacturing facilities worldwide. 


Limitless Applications

Stroud Industrial products are used in a wide variety of industrial applications including…

  • Axial Fans
  • Belt Guards
  • Air Movements Systems
  • High-Capacity Wood Chippers
  • Material Handling Systems
  • Centrifugal And Induction Pressure Blowers And Fans
  • Pressure Vessels
  • Milling Machines
  • And More. 

Our custom-designed solutions span several industries and applications including…

  • Manufacturing
  • Industry
  • Construction
  • Oil And Gas
  • Maritime
  • Racing
  • And Much More.

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Customer Service Guarantee

Stroud Industrial Safety’s personalized customer service is second to none! Designed to deliver, our products are custom-engineered to fit your specific needs and reliability requirements — and fit properly upon arrival. In the event your product requires modification due to an error on our behalf, we will repair the item at no cost to your business. Whatever your custom need, concern or question – we’ve got it covered!

Stroud Stands For Safety

Because our customers’ safety and satisfaction are the most important part of our business, we pride ourselves in creating custom solutions that save lives. In honor of this commitment, we ensure our customers receive the highest quality of product and service through every step of the ordering and installation process.