Take a look at the Stroud Work Portfolio to see some examples of products we have manufactured for clients in the past. 


Ballistic blanket for wind turbine high-speed coupling. Designed and manufactured for Vestas Wind Systems A/S (Denmark).
Ballistic blankets installed on high-volume blower at a large paper mill.
A manufacturer of commercial truck vehicle systems uses Stroud Industrial ballistic blankets to cover leaf springs.
Custom designed Stroud ballistic blankets are providing a safety solution for 84`` and 58`` wood chippers at Boise Cascade lumber mills.
A ballistic blanket installed on an industrial blower at a large paper mill.
Custom ballistic containment solution for an oil field fracking pressure testing platform. The seamless ballistic nylon construction is reinforced with strapping, and features panels that can be removed for access to instrumentation.
Custom engineered, 38`` x 36`` safety barrier net designed for a N3114 Narrow Vane Roof Bolter.
Aerial view of a woodchipper ballistic cover custom designed for Boise Cascade.
Canvas mockup that is part of the design process modeled on a turbo for a locomotive engine
Custom blower blanket for a valued customer.
Gentex aluminized chipper cover for one of our favorite repeat customers in the paper industry
Manufactured at the Stroud facility, this massive, custom containment blanket will be used on a Wallace Coast pipe bending machine at a manufacturing plant.
Side view of a Boise Cascade wood chipper. Blanket manufactured with ballistic nylon exterior with nylon webbing.
This specialized blanket was designed for ballistic containment on hi-capacity milling machines. It is constructed with seamless, aluminized Kevlar and ballistic nylon strapping for maximum protection and ease of installation.
Close up of oil field fracking pressure testing platform to highlight custom access panel sewn into blanket surface. All blankets are fully customized to fit the equipment they cover.
One of three ballistic blast covers manufactured for our friends at Pure Air Filtration. Note the custom access panel for maintenance access.
Large, square ballistic barrier manufactured for Boise Cascade.
Fully customized ballistic blanket for a turbo on a locomotive engine.
Blanket custom designed to cover an air scrubber.

If it’s in your facility then we can cover it. Don’t wait until an accident occurs before you reduce risk of harm to employees and equipment.