Things to consider while making a Stroud canvas pattern:

NOTE: All machinery must be locked out and tagged out without exception to avoid hazardous situations resulting in injury or death. Follow your company’s “best practice” and “safe work” policies.


Be clear and concise with your canvas markings, your ballistic barrier will reflect the information provided. We use the template or prototype canvas you provide to ensure final product accuracy. 

Items needed: Marker, shears, duct tape, notepad, ink pen. 

  1. Lay the canvas over the machinery. 
  2. Always work from the centerline out.
  3. Secure in place with duct tape, or straps.
  4. Make notes on paper, transfer to canvas when you are certain of the information.
  5. Trim the excess material if any, or note limits on width, length etc.
  6. Cut holes, slots or access points, or draw locations on the canvas.
  7. Make notes to add or remove material.
  8. Make notes of specific strap locations.
  9. Return final canvas template to:

Stroud Industrial Safety Solutions

4101 S. May Avenue
Oklahoma City, OK

NOTE:  Errors cutting the canvas can be fixed with Duct tape, and marker. 

Stroud Industrial Canvas Template Instructions